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July 13-18 Programming: Tyler

By July 13, 2015Coach Journals


Tyler’s goals center on language. He’d like an increased vocabulary and faster word retrieval.

This might suggest primarily word-based tasks, but since our brain doesn’t discriminate between bits of data, we can help word recall with number lists. That creates more options.

Also, a large part of recall is “seeing” the word or “feeling” the word. Having Tyler “try on” different words or use them in different patterns will make him choose his words more carefully.

His first BrainWOD is fairly simple: it’s memorizing lists of words between rounds in his track workout. These lists were chosen based on categories (the words have things in common) so he can chunk them. Next week he might not be so lucky.

Horse Cat Dog Fish Bird
Orange Yellow Blue Green Black
Table Chair Desk Bookcase Bed
Teacher School Student Homework Class
Apple Banana Kiwi Grape Mango


This task is for time.

His second BrainWOD will involve rewording cliches to change their meaning. After a METCON, Ty will fill in the following worksheet. This is NOT timed. This is a substitution task.

Cliche Worksheet 1

Finally, his third BrainWOD will involve translation. This is a simple word search using only French words. Ty will have to carry an unfamiliar word (or two, or three) in his short-term memory and find them in the puzzle. He’ll be using this particular puzzle after another track workout.

This is a fairly simple week, focused entirely on language.

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