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Introduction to BRAINWOD’s

Good Morning!

Are you wondering how to keep your children active over the 3 weeks social distancing period? IgniteGym is here to help!

Each morning, we will provide you with an At-Home BrainWOD!
BrainWODs are specifically created workouts to stimulate cognitive and physical activity. With so many people practicing social distancing for the next few weeks, we wanted to make sure everyone’s BRAINS and BODIES stay active, healthy and happy.
The activities are designed for all ages. Adults can benefit greatly as well!
Some items that may come in handy:

-Open space in your home, doesn’t have to be large. A living room with the coffee table moved to the side is perfect!
-Painters tape
-Broomstick, hockey stick, etc. (something long and straight that won’t bend)
– 2 Dice
-Deck of cards

Here’s what to do!
Check in daily for the BrainWOD
Do the BrainWOD and take a picture
Post the picture to our Facebook page
Each post earns one ballot into the contest, which will conclude the week children return to school.

Up for Grabs- Free Introduction to Ignite package (4 One on One sessions at Ignite) and Hoodie
If you are not local, we will do remote training and consultation online.


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