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Interventions and Weekly Challenges

By May 28, 2011wod

Exercise that raises your heart rate improves long-term cognition, memory, and brain development on a macro scale.  That's been demonstrated extensively through John Ratey, PhD's research, and in several subsequent studies. It's gaining attention in the mainstream media; nearly every day, we're forwarded something from the New York Times or Washington Post or Toronto Star about the benefits of movement for learning.

However, Ignite! takes this a step further, by combining the benefits of CrossFit with more frequent, subject-specific 'Interventions,' to be done immediately at the start of class. We issue weekly 'challenges' to students as a daily warmup and to keep them engaged.

Our own research from 2006-2008 on participation and adherence (published in the CrossFit Journal) clearly showed an improvement with the use of CrossFit-style workouts. Where research centred around general movement – usually, jogging or skipping before school – has shown clear and consistent brain benefit, Ignite! takes the program three steps further.

Starting Monday, we'll post weekly challenges and one intervention per day. Each are convered extensively – as well as the Ignite! Academy Enrichment program – in our two-day NeuroMotive Coach Certification (details to the right.)

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