Our strong team of in-house experts is diverse, but can’t possibly cover the breadth of cognitive fitness.

To best illuminate all shadows, we sometimes permit course development for sale by external experts. Very rarely, a particular subject will benefit from another perspective or deeper level of experience, and we also make these courses available.

If you’re a Subject Matter Expert (SME) with a curriculum you’d like to offer IgniteGym online students, here are your submission requirements and procedures. Course materials must be submitted in full before they’ll be considered for sale on the IgniteGym site, and must meet our standards for both production and content.

Content requirements:

  • Minimum of 40 minutes of video (in-person lecture or graphic demonstration)
  • Minimum two templates to aid in the delivery of lessons taught
  • Minimum 500-word written lesson
  • Minimum 3 high-resolution pictures.
  • Minimum of one quiz (we’ll build a Certificate)
  • Minimum of one homework assignment

Submission standards

Video submitted must be at a resolution of 720p. Video may be rebranded with the IgniteGym introductory sequence. Speaker must be front- and backlit with high-quality sound (no echo or buzz) and placed in front of a flat backdrop.

Written content should be spellchecked, but grammatical checks are not necessary. All written content will be edited to match 321Go’s editorial level.

Pictures must meet a minimum of 1000 for the width or height.

Links to external sites and content will be limited to the supplier’s homepage or preapproved landing page. Links may not lead to good or services on Amazon, eBay or other retail service.

All content is subject to edit. We will check the accuracy of information presented but will not warrant your content.

Videos, written content and pictures can be uploaded to a preassigned DropBox folder. Email us here for access to a dropbox folder. When your prospectus is approved, you will be given the folder link and 90 days to complete production.

Start here: Prospectus
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Use a DSLR camera (don’t have one? Click below for our recommendation.)