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IgniteGym 101: The Client’s First Session

By August 31, 2015Blog, Uncategorized

Winning doesn’t come from motivation. Motivation comes from winning.

In a client’s first session at IgniteGym, they’ll play. We call this the exploration stage, and the basic premise is to find something they like.

If a client feels comfortable in the gym and identifies an activity they enjoy, the Ignite coach can use the activity for:

  • Future warmups
  • Rewards
  • Integration into a higher-level challenge.

For example, if a child with ADHD enjoys swinging on the rope, his session can start with five rope swings. Then they’ll be challenged to focus on a short task before returning to the rope.

As the child progresses, rope swings can be made more challenging (swing from box to box,) mixed into a BrainWOD, or even discarded as new skills are attained.

This strategy is also VERY relevant to the average adult client in any gym. If the client can identify “her thing” early, she’ll be more encouraged to stay. For example, if she tries a deadlift on her first day, and her coach is quick enough to point out her strength, she’ll return for more deadlifts (it’s “her thing.”)

Finally, every workout should be the best part of an athlete’s day, whether working with a cognitive challenge or not. Exercise should be considered a reward. Find their Bright Spots!

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