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FREE Concussion Seminar

By April 23, 2015Events
Myles’s head shot came during the first game last season. He didn’t lose consciousness, but left the game feeling dizzy and threw up in the parking lot.
Though he reported feeling “a bit better” the next day, he was tested at ConcussionPro and his scores showed a big problem: lack of focus, loss of memory and dizziness when his heart rate increased. His concussion was more serious than originally believed.
It took Myles over a month to return to play, but he did so with the support of his parents, doctor and coach. After several retests at ConcussionPro, his doc cleared him to play with zero symptoms. Most importantly, his potential for long-term brain damage was minimized.
Concussion stories are everywhere, but usually focus on adults. But most of the truly traumatic stories don’t come from one single blow to the head. The depression, anxiety and long-term brain damage you see in the media is usually the result of several concussions. And most suffered their first as children.
The best helmet in the world won’t prevent a concussion. But parents and coaches can minimize the long-term risk with baseline testing, proper identification and knowledge of long-term risks. On May 9, we’ll show you how to do it all. It’s a free course for parents and sports coaches.
Attendees will learn:
  • The importance of baseline testing–what is it, and how to do it
  • How to recognize a concussion
  • How to TREAT a concussion
  • How and when to return to play.
Attendees will be given a downloadable copy of our Concussion Tracking Log FREE with attendance.
We educate local parents and coaches through annual seminars. We test kids through our ConcussionPro program BEFORE they suffer a concussion. And now we’re going even further: our latest Exercise and Enrichment Podcast is all about concussion, its effects and management.
Sport is good for kids, but carries risks. The most common injuries aren’t broken arms or jammed fingers: they’re the invisible (but far more serious) hits to the head. Let’s keep YOUR kid from bruising their melon.
Read more about concussions in The CrossFit Journal here.

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