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Pre-Movement Challenge

To the song Bring Sally Up, perform planks. On the lyrics “Bring Sally Up” go up into a plank hold. On the lyrics “Bring Sally Down” rest. Continue for as long as you can. You can substitute squats or burpees for added challenge!


Set out a tray of about 10 random items from around your home.

Give your child 1:00 to study the tray. Then, have them perform ONE round of the workout. While they are not looking, remove 1-2 items from the tray and have them tell you what is missing after each round of the workout.

Continue this for 10:00.


2 Wall Walks (Place your hands on the floor and walk your feet up the wall)
4 Burpees
6 Lunges
8 Side to Side hops
10 Jumping Jacks

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