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Daily Working Memory Challenge: May 8

Create a word search puzzle that’s age-specific for your student(s.)

On one wall, post the list of words to be found. On the opposite wall, post the puzzle without the list of words attached.

Students may attempt to recall up to three words at a time.

Students start at the word list, and memorize the first three words. Then they proceed through a vestibular challenge:

3 somersaults

20 jumping jacks

3 backward rolls

20 squats

…and run to the puzzle, trying to recall (and then find) their three words.

After finding their three words, they return to the word list. If they can’t recall a word, they must return to the word list and retrieve three new words, one of which will be the forgotten word. Each time they visit the word list, they proceed through the vestibular challenge before returning to the puzzle, even if there’s only one word left to find.

For time.

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