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Ignite Affiliate Program

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Welcome to the IgniteGym Family! This course includes all of the resources you will need to successfully implement an IgniteGym program.

First thing’s first, you will need to upload the Non-Disclosure Agreement and the Trade Name License Agreement. Complete them and send them to ignitegymhq@gmail.com. Additionally, you need to provide proof of Insurance to show that IgniteGym Inc. is covered in your facility.

After that is taken care of, you can dive into the resources, set up our first call on our website www.ignitegym.com and begin your program!

Click here to view your licensed materials.

Ignite 10-Week Elementary School Program

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The Ignite Elementary School Challenge is a 10-Week physical activity and cognitive plan.

Many schools now understand that “mental health” involves far more than retention of information. Physical activity, chemical balance and nutrition all play a role in our capacity to learn. And the “fun” element increases the desire of children TO learn.

After nearly a decade of research, IgniteGym has been successfully testing strategies to optimize learning across all abilities. The BEST combination of engagement, activity and learning comes in the form of daily challenges.



Ignite 101

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Download the Ignite 101 Participant Handbook below:

101 Workbook 2.1

Click here to get started.

You’ll also be prompted to download worksheets and participate in BrainWODs throughout the course!

Obviously, there’s a LOT to cover. This course will serve as a general basis for offering cognitive training. It will be a prerequisite to more advanced courses for those wishing to pursue a specialization.

Ignite 101 Course Itinerary

Introduction: Why Ignite? Why brain? Why exercise?

BrainWOD 1– speed math warm up + Math workout

Lesson 1: The Brain

BrainWOD 2: Tabata cards

Lesson 2: The Brain-Body Connection

BrainWOD 3: Alternating-attention warm up + N-back game.

Lesson 3: Thinking

BrainWOD 4: Plate Puzzle relay

Lesson 4: Motivation

BrainWOD 5: Names and faces, wordlist

Lesson 5: Behavior

BrainWOD 6: Mastermind

Lesson 6: Methods

BrainWOD 7: Movement password

Lesson 7: Running an Ignite Program

BrainWOD 8: Tribond shuttle relay