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Day 15

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Get outside and run for 15 minutes. (5 minutes, 10 minutes, an hour…whatever you’re feeling. Enjoy some fresh spring air)

Then, from your front step, look around. Find one thing you can see for each letter of the alphabet. (Use your imagination for the harder letters and think about what COULD be there if it was a different day or time)

Day 14

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3x or 5:00
Handstand hold/attempt => handstand walk or bear crawl => alligator crawl
Crab walk => forward roll => 3 cartwheels
5 push-ups => 5 inchworms => 5 burpees
10-second active hang => 2 strict pull-ups or attempts
25-meter side shuffle right => 25-meter side shuffle left => 50-meter high-knee skip

One-word story
Each person in the room helps narrate a story but one word at a time! Come up with a quirky story title or theme and let the fun begin! Simplify the game by narrating the story one sentence at a time instead of one word at a time.

Day 13

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Hockey themed warm up

Set up: 3-5 cones random distances apart, hockey net, hockey stick and a ball

3 Rounds
Start with 30s sprinting on the spot. Pick up the stick and stick handle to the end of the course. When you get to each cone, “fall on the ice” (Burpee) get up and keep running to the next cone. Sprint on the spot for 30s and then run back to the start “falling” at each cone again. Score on the net.

Then, Number Seach

Day 12

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1 minute of jumping jacks
1 minute of push ups
1 minute of sit ups
1 minute of wall squats
1 minute of Sudoku Puzzles

Continue until all puzzles are complete.

**For younger kids, scale the movements to 30 seconds and the puzzle time to 2:00. For older kids, find 2 more challenging Sudokus. Try a 6×6 or 8×8.

Continue until all puzzles are complete.



Day 11

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Spend 1:00 memorizing Round 1 Words
then 3 minutes of:

5 Overhead Squats (with a heavy book if you don’t have weights)
10 Kettlebell Swings (with the same heavy book)
15 m Bear Crawl

Then, 1:00 word recall

Do the same thing for Round 2 and 3.

Round 1 words

Round 2 words

Round 3 words

Day 10

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As many rounds as possible in 6:00:

10 Bird Dogs
10 Hollow Rocks
10 Superman
10 Push ups

Then: Story Starters.

Visit this super fun Scholastics website. http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/story-starters/ and follow instructions.

OR–Give your child this story starter and have them continue the story. The older children can write it down. Younger children can verbally tell you a story. If the stories are too short, prompt them for more details (Ex. Who, Where, What, When, Why).

“Emily couldn’t believe her eyes. She turned around and saw…”

Day 09

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Day 09

20 Squats
15 lunges
10 long jumps
5 Push ups
10 long jumps
15 lunges
20 squats

Then, Colour!

Colouring is so good for the brain. It creates a calming flow state. Find a colouring picture suitable for your child.

Day 08

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Day 8!

4 Rounds
400m Run
Recover for the same amount of time it took to run.

If its nice enough to get outside, do these runs outdoors! If not, substitute:
1:00 Jumping Jacks
1:00 Rest
1:00 Squats
1:00 Rest
1:00 Push ups
1:00 Rest
1:00 Sit ups


Create a list of fun or maybe productive activities you’d like to do during this period of social distancing!

Day 06

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Warm Up
Run on the spot 30 seconds
Plank hold 30 seconds
3 rounds

4 Rounds
5 Hollow Rocks
7 Burpees
9 lunges
1 Social Skills Question (see below)

Ask your child the following Social Skills questions.

  1. Yesterday, your friend said something that hurt your feelings. Today they want to play with you, but you aren’t so sure if you want to. What do you do?
  2.  Your friend invited everyone except you to their birthday party. What do you do?
  3.  Your friend got new shoes and she LOVES them and she is telling you all about them but you don’t like them. What do you do?
  4. Someone is in your usual lunch seat sitting beside your best friend. What do you do?

Day 05

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For 6 minutes, increase by 1 rep each round. See how high your child can get in the time limit.

1 lunge
1 mountain climber
1 Addition question

2 lunges
2 mountain climbers
2 Addition questions

3 lunges
3 mountain climbers
3 addition questions

And so on, for 10:00. Adjust time limit as needed.
Substitute any quick mental math operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) based on age and ability level.

Google Images is the easiest place to find basic free pintables.