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Exercise Demos

Today’s BrainWOD: “Blitz The King”

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Set up a standard chess board.

Allow five ‘blitz chess‘ moves against an opponent (or an app.)

After five moves, the student completes an obstacle course including a lateral movement, a core-to-extremity movement, and another movement to elevate the heart rate. For example:

30 skips / 20 sideways hops over cone / 10 med ball overhead swings

…return to the board and continue. If playing a partner, the first to finish the physical portion makes the next move.


Today’s BrainWOD: “Babe Ruth”

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Reading comprehension and ‘CrossFit Kids Baseball’

Prepare four exercise stations about 90′ apart. These are your ‘bases.’

Home plate: 1 somersault

First base: 10 knees-to-elbows

Second base: 20 jumping jacks

Third base: 10 broad jumps.

Start a running clock. Read the paragraph for your age group below. Answer the questions, and complete as many circuits of CrossFit Kids Baseball in the time remaining on the clock. Each circuit is a run.

For every wrong answer, subtract one run from your total.

Ages 3-5: Click here for your paragraph. Clock time: 12:00.

Ages 6-8: Click here for your paragraph. Clock time: 15:00.

Ages 9-12: Click here for your paragraph. Clock time: 20:00.

Post total runs to comments.

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Ignite BrainWODs are comprised of 7 phases (the Ignite 7 Steps.) The above can be used on its own for a fun challenge, or incorporated into the 7 Steps for optimal benefit.

The Ignite 7 Steps are outlined in Enrichment Through Exercise, and taught in our NeuroMotive Coach Certifications.