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Certification Weekends

Ignite 101 Online is Live!

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We’ve been helping kids with autism for a decade. The result is the Ignite 101 Online Course.

In this course, you’ll learn how to start a program in your gym and help those with autism, PTSD, traumatic brain injury, concussion, and other brain challenges. You’ll also be introduced to programs for the cognitively gifted.

The Ignite 101 Online Course is the foundation for cognitive programs. Specialty courses for autism, classroom delivery, PTSD and tutoring are in development now. But our first specialty course, ConcussionPro, is FREE for those who register for Ignite 101 before September 18.

When you register for the Ignite 101 Online Course between September 8 and 18, you’ll receive:

1. Over 50 individual modules of instruction, including theory and methods

2. Regular assignments and BrainWODs

3. The Ignite 101 Workbook

4. Unlimited access to our private Facebook discussion for Ignite coaches

5. A course certificate upon completion

6. The ConcussionPro specialty course – FREE! ($129 value)

Click here to register! Start right away!


Ignite NeuroMotive Coach Online Certification – September 15

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On Saturday, the sixth Ignite NeuroMotive Coach Certification class began. With participants from all over the United States, it’s sure to be a very lively collaborative process.

Participants will:

  • Receive two hours of participatory video lecture each week
  • Contribute to Case Studies weekly
  • Participate in a weekly Group online video session
  • Complete a back-and-forth examination at the conclusion.

Inevitably, every group finds itself “campfiring” – making connections during discussion, or “jam sessions” – and this adds greatly to the Certification process. The Coaches in your group will help form part of your career-long Ignite network; the more diversity, the better!

Our next Online Certification Course will begin September 15, 2012. Pre-register online here (reserve your spot for as little as $100!)

Online Certification Course, July 14

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An eight-hour overview of the Ignite! method and philosophy. Participants will be given a solid introduction to the delivery of the Ignite! program via recorded video; participate in weekly discussion groups with other prospective NeuroMotive Coaches; and complete a final exam. Study is done at any pace, and successful completion will result in full NeuroMotive Coach Certification.

Prospective NeuroMotive Coaches will be asked to perform short physical workouts during the course of the Certification. These require no special equipment, and only a cursory knowledge of basic exercises (videos provided.) Between exercise breaks, video lecture will explain the rationale, process, and delivery of the Ignite Method.

A short sample on Creating The Environment – setting up clients to succeed, participate, and enjoy the process – from the NeuroMotive Coach Certification in Sault Ste. Marie on June 9, 2012:

Online registration is available here. Get your practice rolling before school starts in September!