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By June 29, 2016wod


Warmup: 1:00 of each Somersaults, squats, T-planks, jumping jacks

Focus Drill: single-eye tracing, dominant and nondominant hands

Write the full alphabet, using cursive script, in CAPITAL LETTERS.

Then, as many rounds as possible in 10:00:

Write, in cursive script, a sequence of randomly-generated letters:

Ages 4-6: 5 letters

Ages 7-10: 10 letters

Ages 11 and up: 15 letters

Sprint Shuttle: 30m, 20m, 10m

A random-letter generator is here.

Example: a five-year-old is given five random letters (visually or audibly.) After they link them in cursive script, they race through the 30m, 20m and 10m shuttle run, and then get five more letters. They continue until the clock runs out, and receive one point for every full round complete.

Read: Daniel Rodriguez’ Big Win, from CrossFit Journal.


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