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By May 4, 2016wod

5 Kilometer Run. (Or any distance suitable for your athletes)

Aylee, Fin, Chloe, and Beck are all going on separate trips. Each one is leaving at a specific time. They each chose to wear a certain type of shoe for the trip. They are also bringing one gadget of their choosing. Try to determine when each child is leaving, what type of shoe they are wearing, and what gadget they chose to bring along.


Use the following clues to solve the Logic Puzzle:

Of Beck and the person wearing flip flops, one will depart at 12:30pm and the other will depart at 4:30pm.
The child bringing the MP3 Player will leave later than the child wearing flip flops.
The person bringing the iPad is not wearing sandals, nor are they wearing tennis shoes.
Chloe is not wearing boots.
The child who brought the Kindle is wearing Boots.
Beck will leave later than the child who is wearing boots.
The one who brought the MP3 Player is not Chloe or Aylee.
Fin is not leaving at 12:30 PM.
Either the person wearing tennis shoes or the person wearing flip flops is Beck.
The child who leaves at 4:30 PM is bringing and iPad.


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