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By March 28, 2018wod

Tabata Cards

Tabata (20 seconds on 20 seconds off)
4 rounds each movement before moving on to the next

Push ups
Sit ups
Ring rows

For Tabata Cards:
Set up 24 cards face down

For 20 seconds the athlete flips over 3 cards and studies them. For 10 seconds they flip them back over. For the next 20 seconds they flip a new set of 3 over to study. Flip them back over for 10 seconds. Continue for as long as you can. The objective of Tabata Cards is to memorize all the cards. When they can no recall the previous cards, the game is over. You get one point for each card they recall correctly. They must tell you the card before they flip it over to check.

Flip 1, 2, 3, 4….Cards per round
Use just the number, number and colour, or number colour and suit of the cards
Use just the colour of the card

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