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By February 22, 2016wod

Memory Wall Ball

Warm up:
3 rounds
Run/Row 200m
10 dead bugs
10 stink bugs
10 squats

Demo: Wall Balls


On the wall, set up numbers 1-9. Place them in random order and at different heights. Fit them all within an approximately 6 foot box.
Give the athlete a string of numbers. They must store the string of numbers in their working memory and hit each number target with a wall ball in the correct order.

For example: 1, 5. The athlete must hit 1 then 5 with the wall ball. Do 3 rounds using two digit number strings. If they complete all 3 number strings correctly, move onto 3 digit number strings. If they miss 2/3 number strings, they do not move on but stay at the level they are successfully completing. Add 1 digit for each level. See how many digits the athlete can accurately recall.

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