The CrossFit Brain Elementary School Challenge is a 10-Week physical activity and cognitive plan.

Many schools now understand that “mental health” involves far more than retention of information. Physical activity, chemical balance and nutrition all play a role in our capacity to learn. And the “fun” element increases the desire of children TO learn.

After nearly a decade of research, CrossFit Brain has been successfully testing strategies to optimize learning across all abilities. The BEST combination of engagement, activity and learning comes in the form of daily challenges.


In 2015, your CrossFit gym can help kids in local schools find fitness. And we can help introduce students to CrossFit Kids.

Interested gyms can deliver our 10-Week Elementary School Challenge to local area schools.

The gym:

  • Promotes the challenge to local schools
  • Awards the prize: 2.5 hours of CrossFit Kids at your gym (1 prize per school)
  • Pays its coaches (but we’ll send you $250 to do so.)

CrossFit Brain:

  • Collects entries from schools
  • Delivers three “BrainWODs” via weekly videos to schools for 10 weeks
  • Delivers all materials directly to schools (tracking logs, demo videos, instructions, explanations and worksheets)
  • Answers questions from schools
  • Chooses one classroom from each school to win the ultimate prize: 2.5 hours of CrossFit Kids at YOUR gym
  • Sends your $250 to cover your costs.

The School:

  • Registers through our site
  • Offers the Challenge in as many classrooms as they like
  • Fulfills their “mental health” curriculum requirement
  • Improves their gym class
  • Adds more fitness to the school day
  • Increases awareness of CrossFit Kids.

Here’s one example of how to promote the 2015 Elementary School Challenge to local schools.

How do you get started? Fill out the form below to request information!

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